Savvy Minerals bronzer

Anyone else missing their summer glow? If you're looking for a quick bit of brightening, slap some bronzer on yo face! “Summer Lovin” is a beautiful warm tint that will give you that glow without risking the skin on your delicate face! It is the darker of the two bronzer shades so if you're on the lighter side, you may want to opt for "Crowned all over".

Oily Avenue's favorite blends

Anyone else love rainy days because you get more work done? I always have a harder time concentrating on beautiful, sunny days but there's something about dreary, rainy days that make me hustle! I have this goodness in my diffuser and it's on like donkey kong.

Savvy Mineral application tip

Where my Savvy Mineral girls at?! DISH IT OUT! I want to know your favorite product and any tips or tricks you may have! My tip for you is to tap your foundation power on your face instead of swirling it. It will cut down on the fallout and make it go further! Try it out an let me know if it worked for you!

Oily Avenue's favorite blends

Since fall is officially here, I've got all the spicy goodness flowing out of my diffusers! I love the spicy orange smell of this awesome blend! Try it today and let me know what you think!⠀

Peppermint Cedarwood bar soap

Body wash, face wash, and shampoo? YEP, I use this little bar of goodness FOR ALL THE THINGS! I have at least two bars in my ER cart every month and it's my fav! I've never tried the other scents so do you prefer another over this one? Maybe I need to branch out a bit!

Oily Avenue's favorite blends

Anyone else have fall scents going 24/7 in your diffuser? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ Fall scents are my FAVORITE and I would love to know yours! Leave them below so I can try them. 

Teeth cleaning and whitening with Young Living

Over 5 years ago I used Crest white strips to whiten my teeth for the Hollywood wedding and until 2 weeks ago, I hadn’t been able to use any toothpaste other than Sensodyne because the strips made my teeth incredibly sensitive to cold things. 

Since I’m in the #knowbetterdobetter movement, I decided to give the Thieves toothpaste a try to see if it worked and guys, I've had NO sensitivity since starting it!! This is a testimony!

I’ve also added orange oil into my routine to help brighten up my smile, since I drink at least 44 cups of coffee a day. I just started that this week so I will keep you all updated on how it goes.
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